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the coaching program


builds high performance teams

- in 90 days -


You feel like you are apathetic, you get stuck and you want to go out to touch that something you see, but when you think you reach that something it moves away from you?

That something that once touched gives you peace, joy and self-esteem?

Do you really want to be aware of the steps you take to create the satisfaction of your success?

 What would it be like spending the rest of your life without doing half of the things, without thinking that you are afraid to start finding solutions and without ever asking yourself, “Should I do it this way or should I do it other way?”

What would it be like  always being sure of yourself, instantly finding the best solution and enjoying the holidays you deserve?

 Living in the same loop you are in now, hoping that someone will someday come up with the saving solution or waiting for the state to create all the eases you need is far from helping you achieve your goals accurately!

As Albert Einstein said,

“It is impossible to find the solution of a problem using the same knowledge you had when you created it!”.

And how do you think you’ll find the time needed for this change to happen if you spend more than 40 hours behind your desk?

It is different than if you had plenty of time. And even if you did, you want to avoid spending it in endless discussions with friends and partners finding out what they would do if they were you.

If you really want to reach your goals then you have to do it by the book, in the most appropriate way.

You need a strategy!

You need proper support!

And you need a system that works and worked for other people as well!

 Because you do this thinking of it more than today.

Thinking of it more than tomorrow.

And more than next year.

And more than over next 20 years.

You do it thinking at your whole life!


Now you can jump from sinking sand to springboard

From captivity to freadom.

From chaos to performing team.

”leadership accelerator”

”Decantre” is a simple Coaching program which will take place within 90 days. And we will keep daily contact.


Before joining the program I give you the chance to know me and my way of doing this.  

We will do this through a 60 minutes Coaching session. For this session I recommend you

to choose a problem or situation you want to solve badly.

In case you like the way we communicate you join the ”Decantre” program and we can start.

During the 90 days we will discuss about your most important goal you want to hit and I will

travel near you in your journey of achieving that goal.

We will work with specific procedures, tools and methods needed to achieve your goal.

We will set deadlines, action plans and strategies.

We will go through themes of Time Management, Conflict Management and Risk Management.

We will touch your emotions and we will work with them.

I will be with you through discussions and e-mails.

Although I will be very close to you, it is very important to keep in mind that

you are the one who will have to work.

 If you want to reach your goal then you will have to work hard for that.

The number of the shortcuts you could use is zero!

So you have to work straight, simple and walking on the shortest possible path.

And then you will succeed!


Business owners

You own a company. Or you are member of the Board.

You work 10 to 14 hours daily. You are disappointed because you spend short time with your family and your friends.

You pay taxes. And you are disappointed because state helps you less than you deserve.

You pay salaries. You are disappointed because employees work less than you pay them.


You run a company. As CEO, General Manager or Deputy General Manager.

You work 10 to 12 hours daily. You are disappointed because you spend too much time at the company.

You think at the agreements with your suppliers. You are disappointed because suppliers react later than they should.

You think about the agreements you should sign. You are disappointed because the market chose worse and cheaper products than yours.


You run a team. You are disappointed because some of them react instead of taking actions.

You give them an example. You are disappointed because some of them refuse to follow you.

You listen to them in order to help them. You are disappointed because some of them are making jokes starting from your own words.


Get tired of

Want to have

Firmly decided to

  • hearing that good employees are hard to be found;

  • losing faith in yourself and fighting to regain it;

  • being stressed most of the time because you have a lot of things to do;

  • more time to spend with  family, relatives and friends;

  • the certainty of taking the best decisions;

  • precious moments only for you;

  • live healthy in order to be able to take care of your teams;

  • delegate tasks in order to free yourself from useless burdens;

  • shift yourself and put next 10 years on automated pilot;


You will understand, master and use the system of taking
your best decision.

You will discover how to feel the best choice when the
quantity of information overwhelms you and you
miss time to think about each step separately.

You will always be on the right side of the hedge in this changing business environment.

You will learn how to accurate asses the chances you’ve got.

You will find out how a small change could bear on your future.

You will develop the right perception of the reality.



Beneficii inveti
  • Keep calm no matter what;

  • Avoid daily stress;

  • Chose safely;

  • spend quality time with your family;

  • enjoy every single moment of your holidays;

  • spend time with your teams effectively;

  • increase meetings’ efficiency with at least 30%; 

  • align team goals with personal goals;

  • increase motivation of your employees with at least 30%;


The “LEADERSHIP ACCELERATOR” program is a world premiere! Now you can be among the first leaders to get individual, live, and daily Coaching assistance tailored to the main subjects you are interested in. Most of these kinds of programs are with weekly, group, and online assistance.

Joining this program means that I will closely Coach you

I will assist you during your daily activity with every important step you make, every decision you take, and every goal you want to reach.

I will show you the tools, methods, and steps which will increase your teams’ performance by at least 30%.

The program runs for 90 days. I will daily assist you using the following tools and methods:

  • a daily 30 minutes individual Coaching session, via Skype, Zoom or WhatsApp ;
  • a weekly 3 hours group Coaching session, via Skype or Zoom;
  • 3 daily messages answered in case you want to know more than through our Coaching sessions.

After this 90 days period you will receive a 30 days bonus to make the transition back, working without me Coaching you.

During this 30 days you will have the chance to master all the tools, methods and steps used during the program.

This 30 days period will be custom on your specific needs.


For each participant to achieve the best results

this program is design for a group of 10 leaders only!!!

So reserve your seat right now!!!



2.250 USD

until 30 August 2019

Personal Coaching 30 minutes daily;
Peer Coaching 3 hours weekly;
3 answers at 3 daily messages;


2.500 USD

between 31.08.2019 – 30.09.2019

Personal Coaching 30 minutes daily;
Peer Coaching 3 hours weekly;
3 answers to 3 daily messages;


6,000 USD

after 30.09.2019

Personal Coaching 60 minutes daily;
Peer Coaching 3 hours weekly;
5 answers to 5 daily messages;


  1. E-book ”Silence” – the most important things of your life you should keep silence about – worth 500 USD;
  2. E-book ”Ritual of happiness” – the daily ritual you should follow to keep you happy most of the time – worth 750 USD;
  3. E-book- ”Must” – what “MUST” means and why this word is so important for your future – worth 1.000 USD.

abuout gabriel katona, your coach during this program


”Listen a lot, think fast and speak less!”

Gabriel Katona

It was the year 1982. One day I stopped and thought: what do I want to do with me in the future? I knew it has to be something. Something more.  Something beyond people. Something beyond the five senses.

And I asked myself. How do you want to live: alone in some monastery as a monk or between people, helping them to find their power and grow? So, here I am, for you.

In 1984 I had my first Mentoring experience when a friend wanted to win his girlfriend’s heart and came to me asking for my help.  I told him to describe her for me: behavior, body language, way of speaking and emotions.

I told him how I see he should talk to her, how to act, how to behave like a gentleman,  how to be funny, and what steps should he take in order to reach his goal. 

I walked near him for several months in this Mentoring journey. One day he called me and said: “Extraordinary, everything went exactly how you told me! I did what you told me to do and I succeed to reach my goal! I am so happy! Thank you so much!” He was thrilled and I felt something special inside me, something like an eternal joy!

Years have passed. I led dozens of teams. I prepared them for their relationship with colleagues, clients, and life. I delivered tens of projects. 

And now here I am, inviting you to join this program for building your best team.


”There is no need to follow a shock treatment when you can no longer bear it. You can prevent dangerous situations you are dealing with. Choose the easy way, without threats, keeping out of trouble and most of all do not allow bad feelings take control of your life. Assuredly you deserve more, much more, and if you don’t believe this think at the people surrounding you. You will see that everything coheres. 

I was lucky. My luck was to meet Gabriel Katona, a man I am a look like  from many points of view. So I was able to discuss with him, to analyse my situation and to find my best solutions. I wish you luck and I guarantee that after a Coaching session with him you will really understand what am I talking about right now. ” – Biji Ștefan – Entrepreneur



“Gabriel Katona was one of my colleagues during the Coaching course we both graduated. 

I want to say that he is very well trained in Coaching area and this information is based on our frequently interaction with each other  during our Coaching sessions supervised by Coaching schools’ trainers.” – Camelia Onu – Life Coach

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